Green Simple Sweetener

Green Simple Sweetener

Green Simple Sweetener is a high intensity sweetener that provides beverage manufacturers one-source solutions made up of nature’s purest ingredients – Stevia Extract and Erythritol. These natural ingredients eliminate the characteristic licorice flavor and bitter aftertaste of Stevia. Manufacturers can therefore create delicious tasting, naturally sweetened products, ranging from enhanced waters, carbonated soft drinks, tea beverages or fruit juice-containing drinks and beer mixes.

Perfect for your health conscious customers in search of sugar alternatives, our great-tasting Green Simple Sweetener contains zero chemicals and is well aligned with the growing trend of low-calorie and natural sweeteners according to customer demands and market requirements.


We offer 3 versions of Simple Sweetener Green:

  • Green 2.5x
  • Green 8x
  • Green Organic 8x

Green 2.5X , Green 8X, and Organic Green 8X are all zero calorie sweeteners with the look, touch, and taste of Sugar. They consist of E960 Stevia (RA99), and E968 Erythritol (99.5%). Our Green(8X) Organic blend is made from E960 Stevia(Organic) and E968 Erythritol(99.5%)